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  • Exmel Solutions Ltd
  • 1A South Caldeen Road
  • Coatbridge
  • North Lanarkshire
  • ML5 4EG
  • Tel: 01698 745058
  • Fax: 01698 749684
  • Email: sales@exmel.co.uk

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<u>All-Purpose Mold Release</u>

All-Purpose Mold Release

Product Code: The MRA All-Purpose Release is the most versatile, high-throughput mold release in ...

<u>Anti-Stat Micro•Freeze™</u>

Anti-Stat Micro•Freeze™

Product Code: E610-0012 Anti-Stat MicroFreeze™ is engineered for low-temperature, nondestructiv...

<u>Axarel® 2200</u>

Axarel® 2200

Product Code: E401-0010 Axarel® 2200 is an engineered solvent specifically formulated for cleani...

<u>BGA Stencil Cleaner</u>

BGA Stencil Cleaner

Product Code: E610-0002 MicroCare’s premier stencil cleaner is a versatile, water-based solvent...



Product Code: E610-0003 Big●Blast™ EU is the environmentally progressive answer for dry preci...

<u>Bioact® EC7M</u>

Bioact® EC7M

Product Code: Bioact® EC7M is a powerful cleaner based upon natural and biodegradable terpene so...

<u>Biodegradable Wipe, Medium Size</u>

Biodegradable Wipe, Medium Size

Product Code: Made from renewable resources. Strong, naturally static dissipative. Unlike polyest...

<u>Biodegradable Wipe, Small Size</u>

Biodegradable Wipe, Small Size

Product Code: Made from renewable resources. Strong, absorbent, static dissipative. Unlike polyes...

<u>Brush - Long Nose, Natural Bristle</u>

Brush - Long Nose, Natural Bristle

Product Code: Longer bristles than the standard brush, used for cleaning large components and mal...

<u>Brush - Short Nose, Natural Bristle</u>

Brush - Short Nose, Natural Bristle

Product Code: The RBNB is the standard replacement brush for the Trigger Grip system and RBNB2, t...

<u>Brush - Surface Mount Brush, Natural Bristle</u>

Brush - Surface Mount Brush, Natural Bristle

Product Code: A smaller brush, designed for cleaning in the tight spaces found on many of today's...

<u>Clean Room Wipe, Medium Size, Heavy</u>

Clean Room Wipe, Medium Size, Heavy

Product Code: This is the top of the line wipe for clean room applications. Ultra-clean, very hea...

<u>Clean Room Wipe, Medium Size, Ultra-Clean</u>

Clean Room Wipe, Medium Size, Ultra-Clean

Product Code: The cleanest non-woven wipe and the only non-woven good enough for clean rooms. Str...

<u>Composite Wipe, Extra Strength, Lint-Free</u>

Composite Wipe, Extra Strength, Lint-Free

Product Code: Great cleaning at low cost. Five layers of material in each wipe. Very absorbent, s...

<u>ExPoxy™ Remover</u>

ExPoxy™ Remover

Product Code: ExPoxy™ Remover is an innovative stencil cleaner and degreaser. This very strong ...

<u>Fiber Connector Cleaner</u>

Fiber Connector Cleaner

Product Code: This high-purity optical-grade solvent is a versatile cleaner engineered for cleani...

<u>Fiber Prep Fluid</u>

Fiber Prep Fluid

Product Code: The Fiber Preparation Fluid is a nonflammable replacement for the alcohol products ...

<u>Food-Grade Mold Release</u>

Food-Grade Mold Release

Product Code: The MRF aerosol is a high-quality release based on food-grade silicone, per 21CFR17...

<u>Heavy Duty Degreaser</u>

Heavy Duty Degreaser

Product Code: Heavy Duty Degreaser C is a versatile general purpose cleaner for metals, glass, ce...



Product Code: E610-0005 IsoClean™ is 100% pure isopropyl alcohol, also called IPA. It is a mild...