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Exmel Solutions' Chrome Racking and Accessories

by Calum Henderson

There is nothing worse than running out of room for storing items or stock. Many racking products available on the market are either bulky or just aren’t strong enough. Thankfully, Exmel have the solution for you. If you’re looking for neat storage that doesn’t look out of place in a contemporary office or warehouse, we’d suggest our chrome racking and accessories in Glasgow.

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Earlier this year, Exmel Solutions started stocking and distributing our own line of Chrome Racking and Accessories from our base in North Lanarkshire. Our chrome racking and accessories allow our customers to design and build their own shelving, reel racks and trolleys, which are perfect for storing and transporting various items in your workplace.

We don’t just sell these lines though. We also use these products ourselves. In our Coatbridge warehouse, which acts as home to a variety of electronic consumable and ESD products, you might ask yourself “how do they collect items ready for shipping?”

The answer is, of course, by using our chrome racking and accessories ourselves. We use our purpose-built chrome Trolley, comprised of handles, casters, and two shelves to place and transport picked items, ready for shipping. With enough space to have one, two or three levels of shelving, depending on your wishes, our chrome stock is customisable to your needs.

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Our warehouse office is the location of a chrome shelf, providing stable support and optimum organisational space for a variety of folders, files and paperwork. We wouldn’t sell or use these products if we didn’t believe they weren’t of the highest quality. That’s why when it comes to thinking about upgrading your workplace with superior chrome racking and accessories, Exmel is your solution.

You can find more information on specific parts of our chrome and racking accessories by clicking here. Alternatively, you can contact us today with reference to the appropriate part numbers for your enquiry.

This article was published on Wednesday 27 March, 2019.