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  • Exmel Solutions Ltd
  • 1A South Caldeen Road
  • Coatbridge
  • North Lanarkshire
  • ML5 4EG
  • Tel: 01698 745058
  • Fax: 01698 749684
  • Email: sales@exmel.co.uk

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Packing Workbenches

<u>Complete Packing table 300</u>

Complete Packing table 300

Product Code: Stabile 300 packing table for all types of packing work. Complete with grey enamell...

<u>Cutting unit for packing tables</u>

Cutting unit for packing tables

Product Code: Cutting unit complete including mounting kit for perforated uprights. Can be mounte...

<u>Packing table 300</u>

Packing table 300

Product Code: A basic and functional packing workstation. The table is supplied with grey enamell...

<u>Packing table with Motor</u>

Packing table with Motor

Product Code: Flex 375 adjustable packing table with motor for all types of packing work. Complet...

<u>Roller stand</u>

Roller stand

Product Code: Roller stand. Equipped with a cutting attachment and a spindle for manilla paper, c...