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  • Exmel Solutions Ltd
  • 1A South Caldeen Road
  • Coatbridge
  • North Lanarkshire
  • ML5 4EG
  • Tel: 01698 745058
  • Fax: 01698 749684
  • Email: sales@exmel.co.uk

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Soldering & Desoldering Stations

<u>Instant-Setback Cubby</u>

Instant-Setback Cubby

Product Code: The optional Instant-Setback Cubby is available for use with the ST 30, ST 50, ST ...

<u>Lead Free Identifiable</u>

Lead Free Identifiable

Product Code: During the transition from leaded to Lead Free solders, it will not be uncommon to...

<U>MBT 301</U>

MBT 301

Product Code: The MBT 301 is a multi-technology system with two, individually controlled, univer...

<U>MBT 350</U>

MBT 350

Product Code: The MBT 350 is loaded with features to improve quality, increase through-put, exte...

<U>ST 100</U>

ST 100

Product Code: While transitioning from lead containing solders to Lead Free solders a very real ...

<U>ST 115</U>

ST 115

Product Code: ST 115 A single channel, digital display, fully programmable power supply, the ST ...

<u>ST 30</u>

ST 30

Product Code: The ST30 is a single channel system with dial control featuring IntelliHeat. The s...

<U>ST 50</U>

ST 50

Product Code: The ST 50 is a single channel, digital power supply that is available with the TD-...

<U>ST 65</U>

ST 65

Product Code: The ST 65 is a single channel, dial control power supply that is compatible with a...

<U>ST 70</U>

ST 70

Product Code: The ST 70 is a single channel system that is controlled by POWER MODULES™ and co...

<U>ST 75</U>

ST 75

Product Code: ST 75 A single channel, dial control power supply, the ST 75 is compatible with al...