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<u>Axarel® 2200</u>

Axarel® 2200

Product Code: E401-0010

Axarel® 2200 is an engineered solvent specifically formulated for cleaning PCBs and stencils. It is a superior circuit cleaner for all types of electronics during rework and repair, including any SMT or BGA designs. It also is widely used on stencils and mis-printed boards, print heads and rubber platens and can be used as a solvent inside a stencil printer. It is often used to clean military electronics because it is MIL-STD-2000 approved, and it functions best on R, RMA, RA and rosin-based fluxes, no-clean fluxes, and some lead-free fluxes. A versatile solvent, it offers moderate degreasing capabilities and removes some conformal coatings.

Users can feel comfortable that Axarel is a reliable, proven, mature technology. Because it is based on hydrocarbons, it is combustible and needs the normal handling for a solvent in that class. Non-corrosive and static-safe, no rinsing is ever required. It is completely ozone-safe, with a low global warming impact but containing 100% VOCs.

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