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Product Code: E610-0003

Big●Blast™ EU is the environmentally progressive answer for dry precision cleaning. This economical precision duster is ultra-pure and double-filtered for the very best cleaning results. It also uses a special valve which doubles the "pushing power" when compared to old syle dusters.

But most importantly, this is the first precision duster in the world to be reformulated to minimize Global Warming. In fact, this product eliminates 99%+ of the Global Warming Impact, compared to competing products. It also is the first product in its class to comply with Europe's rigorous new "F-Gas" rules about Global Warming. Plus it accomplishes this environmental protection without sacrificing any performance.

For more information on any of our products, do not hesitate to call us on 01698 745058 or email our sales department at sales@exmel.co.uk, quoting the Product Code if one is listed.