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<u>Fiber Prep Fluid</u>

Fiber Prep Fluid

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The Fiber Preparation Fluid is a nonflammable replacement for the alcohol products often used when cleaning optical fiber prior to termination or fusion splicing, and for cleaning jumper end-faces. This high-purity solvent delivers fast and consistent cleaning, out-peforming flammable solvents.

The Fiber Prep Fluid out-cleans IPA because it is a stronger solvent and it dries faster. The dense solvent “floats” particulate off surfaces and dissipates static bonds. This makes it perfect for “Wet/Dry” cleaning of connector end-faces. This optical-grade solvent also is double-filtered for purity, so cleaning is more consistent and reliable.

When terminating or fusion splicing, it cleans both single-strand and ribbon fiber and “squeaks” when the fiber is clean. It delivers excellent results removing light oils, salts, moisture, fingerprints, dust, lint, fibers, grime, polishing media, flux residues and uncured epoxies. This versatile cleaner is safe on glass, metal, cured epoxies, and insulators.

The hermetically-sealed container uses MicroCare's unique Triton™ 3-way dispensing system, the most versatile packaging system in the industry. The spill-proof, sealed canister prevents refilling and cross-contamination, ensuring clean solvent every time. The canister also is “TravelSAFE™” — that is, the pump spray is “nonhazardous, nonregulated” so it can be shipped, even by air, without extra paperwork or hazmat fees. With over 400 fast and reliable cleanings per canister, Fiber Prep Fluid reduces installation cleaning costs to only pennies.

For more information on any of our products, do not hesitate to call us on 01698 745058 or email our sales department at sales@exmel.co.uk, quoting the Product Code if one is listed.