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<u>Heavy Duty Degreaser</u>

Heavy Duty Degreaser

Heavy Duty Degreaser C is a versatile general purpose cleaner for metals, glass, ceramics, durable plastics, and similar substrates. It easily removes organic grime, oils, fingerprints and grease from parts and machinery. With a very low surface tension and fast evaporation, it is ideal for cleaning blind apertures and complex shapes. Noncorrosive and ultra-pure, this cleaner dries without a residue and rinsing is never required. Based on DuPont Vertrel® solvents, this is an excellent choice for medium-strength degreasing. Importantly, this solvent is vapor degreaser compatible, so it can be used in both aerosol form, then in dip tanks, and even in large heated cleaning systems.

Technical Data
Contents: 280 mL @ 20•C
Flashpoint: None
Organic Content: 560 g/L
Ozone Impact: Zero
NFPA Ratings: Health=1, Fire=0, Reactivity=1