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  • Exmel Solutions Ltd
  • 1A South Caldeen Road
  • Coatbridge
  • North Lanarkshire
  • ML5 4EG
  • Tel: 01698 745058
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VMZ20X Robust industrial macro video microscope for assembly rework visual inspection and image capture tasks This robust industrial macro video inspection microscope, with wide ranging par focal (constant focus) zoom and light sensitive camera, allows even the most challenging components to be viewed. 360' LED ring illuminator, with electronic level control, provides a shadow free pool of cool white light. Fast screen refresh rates, allow for real time inspection, unlike similar USB digital counterparts. The depth of field and working distance are the best in its class, with over 200mm available at over 50x! manipulation, re work and assemly become simple and stress free. The sealed metal case, for the optical assembly is splash proof and maintenance free. The weighted boom stand gives large throat depth and versatility, with a bolt down boss as an option. The industrial 17" TFT display has a metal casing and toughened glass screen, with anti glare coating. Call now to arrange a no obligation on site demonstration,Robust industrial design Splash proof camera case Large capacity boom stand with 400mm of throat depth High resolution, light sensitive sensor Superb depth of focus, with field stop Extended working distance, throughout magnification range Maintenance free operation Accessories More Details Screw down boom stand mounting, in lieu of weighted stand base Gas strut bench stand for TFT display Tilting inspection stage Stand alone image capture via compact flash card storage device Floating XY inspection stages 15x high resolution CRT in lieu of TFT for more challenging components. PCI PC and PCMCIA Laptop computer interface cards, for PC image display and capture 3 Year return to base warranty on TFT Lens Mag Zoom range Working distance Field of view at min zoom Field of view at max zoom Set for low range 4.5-45x mag 300mm 71mm 7.1mm Set for mid range 7 -70x mag 200mm 50mm 5mm Set for high range 13-130x mag 120mm 25mm 2.5mm