Introducing the next generation of public health technology NNv1

The New NNv1

With safety firmly in mind and to combat the ongoing global viral threats, the NNv1 has been carefully designed to meet and exceed all safety standards in providing a public hand sanitisation system coupled with an advertising and safety display platform. It has a 20 litre capacity, Wi-Fi connectivity and a 19.5 inch display. 

NNv1 is a convenient, hassle-free and environmentally-conscious way to provide a hand sanitising and digital safety information solution in public.

NNv1 has a slim and compact design and is easy to install – just – plug & play.

The data and media can be remotely accessed for easy system management.

Hand sanitisers provide an on-the-go solution for removing the majority of germs from the hands and reducing cross-contamination and infection. 

According to the World Health Organization, alcohol-based hand rubs are efficacious, time saving and kinder to the skin than soap and water. It also states that with a minimum 60% concentration of ethanol, hand sanitisers are effective in the removal of harmful bacteria and virus from the hands.

Public access to hand sanitiser can reduce the environmental impact of the unprecedented demand for personal hand sanitisers by reducing the amount of plastic waste these 50-100ml bottles contribute.

Exmel provides flexible solutions from hiring to purchasing NNv1 machines. 

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